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Local Search + Review Builder

With the ever growing popularity of mobile devices and the ability to find local businesses and read their reviews, it is more important than ever before to claim or establish your local listings and load them with positive reviews. Our Local Search & Review Builder products focus on doing just that.

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Local Search and Review Builder Helps Your Practice!

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What is Local Search?

We understand the importance of claiming or establishing your local listings on the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yelp and HealthGrades, and the fact that these forms of local search are rapidly becoming a critical marketing tool.

By using Smile Savvy to claim and maintain your search listings, you are also ensuring that as new directories and new technologies emerge, your practices’ information stays accurate and secure.

Find out how local search listings show up on search results.

Local Search Options

Step One

We will ensure that your basic local business listings with Google, Bing, Yelp and HealthGrades are properly established (or claimed) and 100% complete and consistent with each other. For further consistency, we will send your logo or image, practice name, address and phone number to 100+ other local search sites, including those shown above.

Step Two

Our team will enhance your basic listings with added features (if available), such as a logo, photos, video, office hours etc. Your local listings will be optimized with important keywords that may help increase your page ranking. We will report duplicate listings of practices ranking
higher than you.

Step Three

When you pay for annual maintenance, your basic listings (Google, Bing, HealthGrades and Yelp) are reviewed quarterly to ensure they stay current and that offices that are ranked higher than you don’t have duplicate listings. We will continue to send your correct practice information to 100+ other local search sites.

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What is Review Builder?

Positive reviews are the cornerstone to building trust with your patients and they can help improve your Local Search Ranking. We want to help you take advantage of this opportunity with a reviews page, that can drive positive reviews to the internet and negative feedback to a form that goes directly to you.

You will also receive a QR code to be used for placement on cards or signs.

Review Builder

Step One

A patient in your office compliments you or your staff on your services.

Step Two

You’ll hand them a business size “Review Card” (see below) with a link and a QR code (for your high-tech parents to scan with their smartphones.)

Step Three

This link or QR code will take patients directly to the review page where they can leave a review.

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Review Cards

The review cards are an extension of the review builder. Hand them out to your satisfied patients and watch your positive online reviews grow.

100 pc
(0.60 ea.)
200 pc
(0.38 ea.)
300 pc
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Example of the Review Cards from Smile Savvy

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