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Local Search Optimization (Maps)

Local Search Optimization on Your Phone for Pediatric DentistsWe understand the importance of claiming or establishing your local listings on major search engines and directories like Google, Bing and Yelp.  In fact, these listings have become critical for dentists seeking to gain new patients. 

By using Smile Savvy to claim and maintain your search listings, you are also ensuring that as new directories and new technologies emerge, your practices’ information stays accurate and secure.

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How It Works

Local Search Optimization for Pediatric DentistsStep 1 - Local Search Optimization Establish

We will ensure that your local business listings with Google, Bing and Yelp are properly established (or claimed) and 100% complete and consistent with each other.

Smile Savvy will also submit your practice information to 100+ additional local search sites, allowing your listings a better chance of appearing in top search results.

What does a local search (map) result look like in Google? View an Example

Local Search Listing Optimization for Pediatric Dentists 

Step 2 - Local Search Optimization Optimize

Our team will enhance your basic listings with added features (if available), such as a logo, photos, video, office hours etc. Your local listings will be optimized with important keywords that may help increase your page ranking. 




Maintain Local Search Listings for Pediatric Dentists 

Step 3 - Local Search Optimization Maintain

Your primary listings (Google, Bing and Yelp) are reviewed quarterly to ensure they stay current and that offices that are ranked higher than you don’t have duplicate listings (we will send you a detailed report of our findings). To ensure that your practices’ information stays accurate and secure throughout the web, we continue to send your correct practice information to 100+ other local search sites.


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