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Quick-Custom Websites

Smile Savvy has always specialized in creating true custom website designs built specifically per a dentists’ instructions. Some dentists, however, may have a difficult time communicating the look they want for their website or they need a quick, inexpensive web presence.

In order to serve these needs, we provide a series of what we call “quick-custom” website designs that have all the valuable content and features of our custom websites, but with the actual design layout already in place, to get you on the web faster and less expensively.

We place your personal touches (logo , colors, artwork, bio, photos, forms, etc.) into your chosen design, optimize it for search engines and in less that two weeks your website is complete. As with our custom websites, you are welcome to choose your own pages and content. 

No other dentist within a 25 mile radius can use your design and all of our designs are compatible with smartphones and tablets.  New designs are added frequently.


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Quick-Custom Designs/Samples

These designs have many customization options available. Click the View Design button to see additional designs.

Design 31*R

Design 30*R

Design 29*R

Design 28*R

Design 27*R

Design 26*R

Design 25*

Design 24*R

Design 23*

Design 22*R

Design 21*

Design 20*R

Design 19*

Design 18*

Design 17*

Design 16*

Design 15*

Design 14*

Design 13

Design 12

Design 11

Design 10

Design 9

Design 8*

Design 7*

Design 6*

Design 5*

Design 4

Design 3

Design 2*

Design 1*

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